Monday, May 24, 2010

Review of Divine from Malvar,Batangas

What u see in their website is what u get! the place is very clean and refreshing..i'd like to commend all the staff in this resort for making my day visit really memorable.. God Bless! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craving for a genuine relaxation?

There’s a perfect place I know, which I’ve just discovered recently. A screaming serenity will indulge your peace-thirst soul. Tremendous relaxation awaits you at the hidden paradise within Calamba, Laguna, hailed as the best Hotspring Resort in the Philippines 88 hotspring resort.
If you could spell the GENUINE RELAXATION in a very unique way then you’d probably gone yourself to 88 hotspring resort in Calamba , Laguna. Based on my critical observation, 88 hotspring resort is very unique because of its “unique” treatment in making their customers feel that their resort is different from the other hotspring resort that people are used to. Magnificent landscape, clean pools and friendly personnel will welcome you.
10:42 AMThe resort is very stunning and very tempting. Many may say that it’s too expensive, why don’t we first consider the amenities 88 hotspring resort has. It has very clean swimming pools, very earthly surrounding, very astonishing landscape, very friendly personnel, very reasonable price, very satisfying amenities and most of all very peaceful, that’s what I’ve been looking for. Peaceful vacation, that’s all I ever wanted, until I discovered this paradise like hotspring resort in Laguna, I was really overwhelmed by its majestic beauty, you’ll never forget how wonderful it is to spend time at 88 hotspring resort.
Recharging indeed!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Lovely by Maria Fe Tengonciang

I've been to the resort and liked everything about the resort.. its clean, its enticing, its indulging, ..the price is very reasonable..of course they need to maintain and preserve the resort.. it's the first that I ever liked a hotspring.. its very wonderful there.. i hope everyone would take time to visit 88 hotspring resort.. very lovely!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smoking hot spring for sizzling hot summer by Kristina Cusi

Who says hot springs are for cold season only? Hot springs are for hot summer too, and if I’ve tried it, why don’t you? Last week my friend and I tried doing something new, since our classes have just ended. We’re full of stress. We never knew that a bombarding tranquility and a bombastic beauty of 88 hotspring resort discreetly waited for our arrival. What seems to be ironic about this endeavor of ours was that we’re going to a hotspring on a scorching hot summer day. It made me think too, but all reservations were gone as I’ve explored 88 hotspring resort and new discoveries were unveiled. I’ve learned that hotsprings have medical benefits and can physically and mentally take your stress away. Of course it’s a summer so I was thinking that few people would visit 88 hotspring resort but I was astonished to discover that there are a lot of people who were actually there to indulge at 88 hotspring resort. What I loved the most about this place is that, even if you don’t get a room for yourself, you’ll be provided a key for a locker wherein you can put all your belongings and enjoy the scenic view of 88 hotspring resort. Personnel in 88 hotspring resort are very approachable and friendly so you can easily tell all your queries. What makes 88 hotspring resort lovelier is that they have different pools that offer benefits for your different health needs. I saw a boat that can be ridden by interested fellas who’d like to have fun while floating in the middle of the lake. There are also horses available for riding patrons. It’s just so amazing that they have different features that surely will not bore you.
It only took us an hour and a half to go to 88 hotspring resort; from Gil Puyat bus station (Green Star Express: with a Sta Cruz signboard on it) it only costs 91 pesos to 88 hotspring resort, and you’ll need no mean of another transportation after riding a bus, because you’d be dropped off right in front of 88 hotspring resort.
I’m telling you I almost forgot who I am, after trying all the facilities that 88 hotspring resort have.
You’ll forget all your stress and dilemma.
We were revivified and rejuvenated more than what we were expecting.
Indeed Calamba is known for its hotsprings but then only a few of those many hotsprings can indulge your desire for an enticing experience this hot summer.
If you visit 88 hotspring resort, guaranteed, you’ll be enthralled by its addictive wonders.

Restful Resort by Glaudia Schnelli

Summer is once again upon us. It’s fun to spend those vacation especially tried doing something new. From full of stress in School, Office, dealing with clients and attending office function, it’s about time you reward yourself with a stress-free.

Last week my friend and I goes to an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility permeates the atmosphere of the 88 Hotspring resort in Calamba, Laguna. Yes! Hot spring on a summer day, it made me think too that few people would visit 88 Hotspring Resort but I was surprised that all reservation were gone and there are lot of people who were there to relax at 88 Hotspring Resort. What I love the most about 88 Hotspring Resort is “Relaxation and Rehabilitation” is the main theme of the Resort. And I love also the airconditioning locker rooms that are comfortable and accessible compare to other resorts, they don’t provide a key for a locker to enjoy the scenic views of their resorts. While on 88 resort I really enjoyed the scenic view cause im “panatag” because you can put all your belongings.

88 Hotspring Resort Guests especially the Koreans are very friendly, the personnel in 88 Resort are friendly too.

What I like the most about this place is that they have different types of pools and offer health benefits like Hot pool-improve eczema, skin itchiness, rheumatosis,nerve pain and relieve stress.Jacuzzi and Herbal Pool- relieve pain and stress and Fengshui Energy Pool- is “sikat” doon, this energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us.

Swimming is good exercise (that’s obvious). Swimming is a life time sport that benefits the body and the whole person. Swimming Pools can also found in 88 Hotspring Resort. They are big as what you want.

There are lots of feature that will not bore you like Horseback riding, small boat that can be ridden, karaoke, wifi zone and get a extensive massage in a peaceful and soothing atmosphere to nurture your relaxation and pick your favorite dishes among selected recipes. Seasonal fruit juices are also available. You can enjoy all the scenic view of the mountain while having a drink.

It’s a 1 hour and a half to go to 88 Hotspring resort using by Public Transportation (Green Star transportation: located at taft, corner Buendia Ave.(Gil Puyat),Bus Fair is only 91 pesos. You’d be dropped off right in front of 88 Hotspring Resort because the main entrance is just beside the high-way.

It’s the best Resort for me and you will always wanted. Were so glad that we explore and tried something new this summer that really rejuvenated us.

It’s 88 Hotspring Resort that will work for your mind and body. Try it too and I’m telling you, you will wish that you will stay forever at 88 Hotspring Resort..^^